Let’s collaborate

Dropgit allows everyone to use Git repositories

A friendly interface for Git

Add files and folders easily

Automatic sync

Keep a record of every action

Add action descriptions as you work, or later on

Get early access

Dropgit is in early development, but you will be first in line to try it out.

Create new repositories, synced to Github and Gitlab, directly in Dropgit

Rich, collaborative editor for Markdown, YAML and other formats

Intuitive visualization of changes (diffs)

Multiple actions batched into single commits

Why Git?

  • Infinite undo for every file
  • Built for collaboration
  • Free, fast and painless web hosting from Github, Gitlab, Netlify and others
  • Tons of free website generators: Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, Vuepress, 11ty…
  • Upload files to where developers are working already. Get the whole team working in the same place.
  • Free storage and global sync from Github and Gitlab
  • Free automation: double check Excel equations, typeset documents, generate web pages and more using Github Actions and other CI services
  • see git-scm.com for technical details